Hours of operation


10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Closed Sunday

Our story


 In 1993 John and Michelle Hargrove bought Orr-Reed and in 2013 their eldest daughter took over operations. Today Orr-Reed continues to supply the public with treasures, such as antique lumber, architectural doors and mantels, hardwood flooring, wrought iron fencing, architectural elements of all types, and plenty of "good ol' junk." Orr-Reed is known to everyone from top designers to household handymen as the place to go for useful and interesting salvaged materials. We love our city and try our best to help preserve its history. 

since 1946

   At the conclusion of World War II, Charles "Red" Orr set out to build a new business in post-war Dallas. Determined not to waste his capital, primarily his mustering-out pay from the Army, he partnered with his friend James Reed, who had a little money raised from selling a herd of goats, to open a new business. Together the two men formed Orr-Reed Wrecking in 1946. Orr-Reed Wrecking has been deconstructing and demolishing many of Dallas' finest old homes and businesses in the 72 years since. From the beginning, the company's leaders recognized not only the profitability of saving Dallas' history, but also, more importantly, the social benefits of recycling and preserving the architectural heritage of Dallas. 



Are you open to the public?

We sure are! Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5. We are closed on Sundays.

How do you get all your inventory?

Short answer- anywhere we can.

Long answer- We get our inventory from demolitions, small towns across Texas, shipping containers from Europe and vendors.

Do you buy from the public?

We take donations and sometimes will purchase items if its something spectacular. 

Can I return something?

We do not give cash back but we do offer store credit.

Do you install flooring?

No but we work with some of the best contractors in the metroplex and we have no issue passing out their information.

Why aren't your items in perfect condition?

When things are 75+ year old they aren't perfect. They are however made out of better materials then anything you can buy that is produced now. We can recommend great handymen to help restore your purchases but nothing we sell is going to be pristine.