We offer rentals of inventory for weddings, plays, movies, television shows and photo shoots. We also offer rentals of the yard for photo

and video shoots. Contact us for inquiries and pricing. 

When we do demolitions our biggest priority is keeping as much as we can out of landfills. Sometimes houses just can't be saved but their pieces can be. Contact us for a bid if you need our services. 

Hours of operation


10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Closed Sunday


Retail        Rentals        Wood       Demolition

We carry several different kinds of reclaimed and milled wood flooring as well as old barn wood, beams, siding, shiplap and dimensional lumber.

since 1946

We are open to the public

Monday-Saturday from 10:00AM-

5:00PM. We offer a wide variety of

items for your home and business remodel, DIY projects, and restorations. Our customers come from all over the US because they know they will find some cool for a great deal.